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About Us

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The Centre for Social, Spatial & Economic Justice (CSSEJ) occupies approximately 80m2 of research space on the third floor of the Arts Building at UBC-Okanagan, and it serves as a unique model for interdisciplinary research in the arts, humanities, health studies and social sciences. The CSSEJ has three principal researchers, Dr. Lawrence Berg, Dr. Jon Corbett, and Dr. Mike Evans. Currently, approximately 20 researchers work out of the CSSEJ on a part-time basis. 

As the name of the Centre suggests, researchers at CSSEJ are interested in examining social, spatial and economic structures in society that lead to oppression and marginalization.  The researchers in the centre draw on progressive visions of society, ones that allow for (and indeed, encourage) difference, whilst ensuring that all people are able to live free from oppression and marginalization. As progressive researchers, we are interested in undertaking research that identifies structures that underpin the marginalization of people, especially belonging to clearly identifiable groups.

Our current research projects focus on processes that marginalize Aboriginal people, disabled people, economically disadvantaged people, queer and two-spirited people, and racialized people. CSSEJ is open to affiliated membership for anyone interested in researching issues related to the promotion of social, spatial and economic justice.

The CSSEJ is equipped with state-of-the-art audio, computer, and video research equipment and furnished with a range of research work stations and research storage facilities, funded primarily through grants from Canada Foundation for Innovation (held separately by all the principal researchers), but also with external contracts and research grants from organizations such as Canada Institutes for Health Research, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, The Metis Nation of BC, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and the United Nations.

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Centre for Social, Spatial and Economic Justice

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